CSA 2020

We are SOLD OUT for the 2020 CSA.

Variety Boxes and Bulk Orders are still available!

CSA is a method of buying locally produced food in a way that is mutually beneficial for both the farmer and the consumer. Our Meat CSA is a membership program where you receive a discount for your ongoing commitment to our farm.  This is a great way to secure your share of the highest quality meat for the winter and beyond.

What is CSA?

Select a Pork + Poultry CSA Share


November → April
1 x organic pasture raised chicken &
variety of pork cuts per box
28-32lbs per box
bi-monthly delivery
add-ons available

Save $50!



November → April
1 x organic pasture raised chicken
variety of pork cuts per box
13-16lbs per box
bi-monthly delivery
add-ons available

Save $20!




Where do you deliver?

All of Ottawa, Manotick, Perth, and Carleton Place.

Do you charge for delivery?

No, we do not charge for CSA deliveries.

When should I sign up?

It is best to sign up as soon as you’ve made the decision to become a CSA member. Since we are a small farm raising small herds, we have limited CSA shares available and operate on a first-come-first-served basis.

What does an example box look like?

FULL SHARE CSA: 1x organic pasture-raised chicken, 1x shoulder or butt roast, 4x bacon, 2x honey garlic sausage, 2x mild Italian sausage, 4x packs of bone-in chops, 2x packs boneless chops, 1x breakfast patties, 4x ground, 2x side or back ribs

How do drop-offs work?

We give you a date and 3 hr time-frame, you leave out a cooler and we drop your meat into the cooler.

Why would I get a CSA instead of a bulk order or individual cuts?

A CSA Share is great for folks who don’t have a whole lot of freezer space but who would like to be in good meat for a good portion of the year. Your ongoing commitment to our farm also allows us to plan and work more efficiently so we can pass on that savings to you, making the CSA a more economical route than purchasing individual cuts. The CSA also keeps us connected with a bi-monthly newsletter that keeps our CSA fam in the farm loop, with pictures and updates of the goings-on. It also includes our favourite recipes using cuts from the current meat box.

Why is your pork so special?

Our goal is to raise our animals in the cleanest and healthiest way possible. Our pigs live their lives in our diverse fields and forests where they are free to roam and root. They are fed only certified organic grain which supplements their natural foraged diet and we never use antibiotics and growth hormones. The result is nutrient and flavour dense pork that we are very proud of.