Price List 2020

Price List

Our Promise to you. Our Pork is Always:

fed Certified Organic grain, pasture-raised, antibiotic and growth hormone-free, humanely raised here in the Ottawa Valley

CURRENTLY SOLD OUT but please check our bulk orders page to reserve yours for late summer

$13/pk Bacon

$10/pk Bacon Ends

$12/pk Sausage
Hot Italian
Mild Italian
Honey Garlic

$16 Breakfast Patties

$8.5/lb Ground

$8/lb Chops with Bone

$8/lb Chops w/ no Bone

$9/lb Roasts (3-4lb)

$11/lb Smoked Ham

$16/lb Tenderloin

$10/lb Side Ribs

$11/lb Back Ribs

$4/lb Soup Bones

$4/lb Leaf Lard

$6 Organ Meat

$4 Dog treat – foot

$3 Dog treat – ear

Simply e-mail us your order and we will contact you shortly with confirmation and details!