About the Farm

We are Brad, Mary, Basil and Shephard, the family team behind Monarch Acres. Our main gig here on the farm is producing high quality, nutrient-dense meat with a focus on organic, pasture-raised heritage pork.  Our 35-acre farmstead is located in beautiful Lanark, Ontario just a quick 50 minute jaunt from the city of Ottawa and a 15 minute trot from the old town of Perth.

Farm Family

As avid animal lovers, we believe that farm animals can, and should be provided with a life that honours their character, in ways that work in relationship with nature. All of our animals are raised outside using rotational grazing methods ensuring that they always have plenty of space to roam, diverse perennial grasses to forage, ground to root up, and mud to wallow in on those warm summer days.  For what they can’t get in the pasture, they are supplemented with an organic feed. Our pasturing methods regenerate the landscape with animal fertilizer and aeration while also benefiting the health of our animals and customers. Everybody wins!


Maremma Pyrenees Australian Shepherd

After one Environmental and Resource Studies degree at Trent University in Peterborough, and almost a decade of working on organic farms and managing livestock pasturing systems, Mary laid down roots on her own farm, continuing to put her passion for animals and nature into action. She is so lucky to be living her dream!


tamworth piglet

Brad’s pre-farming career as an alarm technician has helped him adapt to some of the many responsibilities of farm life. He is a problem-solver extraordinaire and can build or fix anything that needs building or fixing. Growing up in the Ottawa Valley with horses and many-a-dog, he was instilled with a love of animals right from the get-go.