… we are devoted to raising the highest quality meat in a way that honours the integrity of the animals and the land we grow them on.

By raising our animals outside in our fields and forests, they maintain their health and vitality, allowing us to have a ‘no drug’ approach to their healthcare.

Feel the love that goes into our products!

Our pork is always…

  • pasture-raised
  • fed Certified Organic grain
  • antibiotic and growth hormone-free
  • humanely raised here in the Ottawa Valley

Customer Testimonials

I made the pork shoulder tonight – rubbed it with a bbq style dry rub (from scratch), then slow cooked it. I am not exaggerating when I say I have never, ever enjoyed pork this much! We didn’t add a single thing to the meat when it was cooked, though pulled pork recipes say to add bbq sauce or some sauce. Incredible.

What’s more, a good cook I trust told me to expect the shoulder to be time-consuming to pull apart, “defat”, and remove connective tissue. None of this was the case. It didn’t release very much liquid, and what fat there was is in the meat is delicious. Other than the bone, there’s no waste. It’s almost like we weren’t talking about the same food. This was possibly the easiest dish I’ve ever made.

I’m completely blown away right now…

Thank you so much for supplying us with delicious, affordable, healthy food! I can’t wait to come visit your farm!”

-Karen Allidina, Ottawa

Loaded up with sausage and bacon at the last market and ate the last pack of sausage tonight and I am SO SAD!!! I won’t make it till spring without you!!! Honestly guys – pork has always made my husband feel hungover, and I’ve never been a huge fan myself. But SERIOUSLY- you changed our world!! Thank you!!!

-Erica Garven, McDonalds Corners